excess and design

by false colours

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released November 4, 2012

jordan - guitar / vocals
jimmy - bass / vocals
nick - drums

recorded, mixed, and mastered by chris fogal at black in bluhm studio.



all rights reserved


false colours Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: prepare ship for ludicrous speed
consider this a sincere warning, start adding up your sins
and bury all your innocence alive beside the embers, the gospel of torment
with everything you know embedded and forgotten
just show me where to find mercy on this page
sound the alarm over doubt’s ascension
we’re losing ground with or without His name

so take these razorblades and learn to swallow
embrace the aftermath
we will show the world the truth behind god fearing eyes

watch us ignite the kerosene that binds
the bitter end, unveil the witness safe within lest we forget
grey skies will sing of bullet-wounded wings
signal defeat and justify release

guide me through this lurid council, shelter me from disdain
this sacrificial fashion is more than we can evade

please tell me WE create the “truth”
we are not devices, we are not their fuel
Track Name: my greatest sphere
I’m shaking my head in disbelief
all I see are the same tricks, same lies, nothing but insider trading politics
leaders from now and throughout the past left our values for last.
just to make their profits their primary task

the distance between our interest is growing greater.
unstable balance reinforce the malice we just can’t afford

let’s take out all the anger on some empty bottles.
drink until we sink. here’s to all our fucked up problems.

so orwell was right, your god is a fraud, and the one percent won
yeah orwell was right, big brother was wrong to assume that our discontent was ever long gone

was it just denial, or have we become blind?
maybe more complacent to misplace control over our own lives.
I guess we should’ve seen the warning.
when the high tides along the horizon came crashing in and swept away the remains of our rights

respect existence, or expect resistance
Track Name: addition never solved anything
concrete box-spring, filthy trash mattress
vacant stomach, desperate eyes

whoa, it’s ten below outside before the wind chill
the shelters are all full and the overpass has collapsed
whoa, i wish the banks would too, the way they overdraft you,
fuckin' don’t help the struggle to stay afloat

oh-oh-oh the dream is over
there’s no escape tonight
whoa-oh one more shot of poison
there’s no escape tonight

her sign reads homeless mother of two but it’s just a part-time job
yeah, praying that it won’t come true, these stamps don’t buy enough food
oh, the shame that she must feel, a beggar, not a junkie,
not a waste of my spare change for food or addiction?

no escape tonight
no place to go when you’re invisible
Track Name: i saw live war, raw evil was i
my solemn message for the nation’s youth foretelling death
to 600,000 patriot souls that they’ll select
your sacrifice won’t be forgotten or in vain
so let freedom reign

the fever begins to boil
the drumming of war hawks roars
the rivers all turn to blood
for our leaders it’s just a game

we’ll demand justice next time they draft us
if the cause is so righteous, their kids can fight first
it’s corruption we kill for

don’t you love the smell of napalm in the morning mist?
just like victory itself
one 500 pound bomb for every man, woman, and child in the world
so let freedom rain from the skies

it’s corruption we kill for
it’s corruption they lie for
it’s corruption we die for
let’s go
Track Name: a date with density
lodged in my brain, the same song resonates for years
sludge in my ears (ringing in my ears)
these rancid waves, these rancid waves
lodged in my brain the same song
these rancid waves, these rancid waves

guilt is like a bag of fucking bricks
all you gotta do is set it down, set it down
took it all for granted, i’ve only got myself to forgive
for this, I’m a selfish hateful prick
kill the power and shut you out, shut you out
i’ll never live this down, please let me drown

you can’t burn the pictures you never took
can’t drink away no memories
Track Name: the blunder years
they finally found a way to cloak the truth.
surreptitious greedy economical moves.
these glorified solutions, only seem to fuel the blaze.
ashes from their past are left to dust and swept away.

history stuck on repeat, as the country screams we submit defeat.
to channel after channel, same god, same infomercials for apocryphal pyramid schemes.

overgrowth of failures render us all victim.
this debt is placed to enslave each moment and every decision.
our future held on a string.
one policy one mandate.
dilute news to flush us all down the same drain.
Track Name: nunchuck woolery
erase every name from the scriptures you hold so dear
let these flames be your salvation tonight
through the temple, through the veil
through the hands of god this virus spreads at will
a comatose celestial lie

who holds the key now?
enslaved, they pray at your expense
so many voices drowned
and lost in the shadows of moral dissent

break down, (break down) the works of fiction and impound
the life you lived and lost in vain
bury the lies, sever the ties
open your eyes, rebuild your fate
there are wounds you can never stitch up or evade

when we divide the world between darkness and light
we take on the attributes of those (of those) who we oppose
and as free will fades, you’ll find no peace in silence
only submissions, corruption and questions

take back back your own faith
live life your own way
take back your own faith
live life for yourself, your own way
Track Name: don't quote dickens in my apartment
let us revise all chemical issues
when every desperate voice without a sound
(is reminded, indicted, locked up and choked behind it)
help me find peace by circulating this disease
through the veins of every innocent bystander at the scene

if there is any chance of redemption, I’ve yet to see
no time for an explanation, no time for greater themes
when broken, every promise and lie unspoken
breathes life through me

to carry this weight alone
until the end, who will follow?
(divided, misguided, only the uninvited)
and after all is said and done
the vagrant needles meant to sew will reap
exposing every wound beneath

is this the way it would feel to pray with severed hands?
drained of life; this vice can’t be all I’ve anchored
hope wearing thin
to kill it all is to transcend

i’ve been waiting with arms half-raised
and now the time has come to re-ignite
every parasite, every rivalry, yeah every rivalry
inside everyone daring us to believe
Track Name: the meanderthal's grind
no warning when the avalanche hits

it’s everyday, the same damn marathon
race back to sleep disrupted by the starting gun
sunrise to set, i drag my limbs up icy cliffs
can’t catch my breath at altitude the air’s much too thin
i glance down, see buried up to his neck
a fellow climber- frozen, dead
but i’m too numb too react

no chance to make a break for it. is this my fate?

no warning when the avalanche hits

surprise freight train, so cold
snow packed, brain freeze, so cold

no chance to make a break for it. is this my fate?
i’ll take my chances with regret
is this my fate?

get up! right now!
Track Name: this message will self destruct
so here we are again, under the skies of a country divided by war and by greed
we remain a mirror image of the burning flags we set ablaze

with every conflict, we drift apart
we close our eyes and let the gunfire signal the start
and turn a blind eye as they fill more unknown soldiers’ graves
so many dying to line all of our politicians’ pockets with crimson gold
while we still wait for change

until we see the day our lives mean more than profits rising
we’re only votes cast into a sea of fear
another tally in a poll for the fiscal year

how many caskets can we drape with red, white and blue?
how many families destroyed before they get a fucking clue?

superstition is all we know in wake of our ambition
we have no integrity to show
we, as a nation have become a viral threat to all progression
a sea of rifles just waiting to unload
Track Name: set faces to stunned
one glimpse of her reflection incites violent
scathing hot eruptions of acid in her throat
a perfect shell’s worth some hollow pain
just one destructive symptom of the pressure we all fight
to strive for the superficial beauty they define
our lust is culture conditioned

oh, how ironic! struck blind!
yet discovered the key
to this prison of insecurity
if you don’t fight for your mind
who controls your body?
fuckin tv ads and fake tits on that big screen

history shows mutilation works wonders to repair
the flaws our mother nature gave that make assholes stare
now it’s plastic surgical precision
compared to brutal practices like 4-inch bound feet
or 13 golden neck rings to elongate it’s length
would you say we’ve progressed much past gruesome?

hidden track:

if you cut me off in traffic, i will follow you home. fuck you!