addition never solved anything

from by false colours



from the debut full length Excess and Design


concrete box-spring, filthy trash mattress
vacant stomach, desperate eyes

whoa, it’s ten below outside before the wind chill
the shelters are all full and the overpass has collapsed
whoa, i wish the banks would too, the way they overdraft you,
fuckin' don’t help the struggle to stay afloat

oh-oh-oh the dream is over
there’s no escape tonight
whoa-oh one more shot of poison
there’s no escape tonight

her sign reads homeless mother of two but it’s just a part-time job
yeah, praying that it won’t come true, these stamps don’t buy enough food
oh, the shame that she must feel, a beggar, not a junkie,
not a waste of my spare change for food or addiction?

no escape tonight
no place to go when you’re invisible


from excess and design, track released November 4, 2012



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false colours Denver, Colorado

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