nunchuck woolery

from by false colours



from the debut full length Excess and Design


erase every name from the scriptures you hold so dear
let these flames be your salvation tonight
through the temple, through the veil
through the hands of god this virus spreads at will
a comatose celestial lie

who holds the key now?
enslaved, they pray at your expense
so many voices drowned
and lost in the shadows of moral dissent

break down, (break down) the works of fiction and impound
the life you lived and lost in vain
bury the lies, sever the ties
open your eyes, rebuild your fate
there are wounds you can never stitch up or evade

when we divide the world between darkness and light
we take on the attributes of those (of those) who we oppose
and as free will fades, you’ll find no peace in silence
only submissions, corruption and questions

take back back your own faith
live life your own way
take back your own faith
live life for yourself, your own way


from excess and design, track released November 4, 2012



all rights reserved


false colours Denver, Colorado

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