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from by false colours



from the debut full length Excess and Design


so here we are again, under the skies of a country divided by war and by greed
we remain a mirror image of the burning flags we set ablaze

with every conflict, we drift apart
we close our eyes and let the gunfire signal the start
and turn a blind eye as they fill more unknown soldiers’ graves
so many dying to line all of our politicians’ pockets with crimson gold
while we still wait for change

until we see the day our lives mean more than profits rising
we’re only votes cast into a sea of fear
another tally in a poll for the fiscal year

how many caskets can we drape with red, white and blue?
how many families destroyed before they get a fucking clue?

superstition is all we know in wake of our ambition
we have no integrity to show
we, as a nation have become a viral threat to all progression
a sea of rifles just waiting to unload


from excess and design, released November 4, 2012



all rights reserved


false colours Denver, Colorado

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