my greatest sphere

from by false colours



from the debut full length Excess and Design


I’m shaking my head in disbelief
all I see are the same tricks, same lies, nothing but insider trading politics
leaders from now and throughout the past left our values for last.
just to make their profits their primary task

the distance between our interest is growing greater.
unstable balance reinforce the malice we just can’t afford

let’s take out all the anger on some empty bottles.
drink until we sink. here’s to all our fucked up problems.

so orwell was right, your god is a fraud, and the one percent won
yeah orwell was right, big brother was wrong to assume that our discontent was ever long gone

was it just denial, or have we become blind?
maybe more complacent to misplace control over our own lives.
I guess we should’ve seen the warning.
when the high tides along the horizon came crashing in and swept away the remains of our rights

respect existence, or expect resistance


from excess and design, released November 4, 2012



all rights reserved


false colours Denver, Colorado

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